5 Common Types of Residential Roofs

It’s important to know what kind of roof would work best for your home. Read on as Arry’s Roofing Services Inc., your trusted local roofing contractor, discusses most the five common shapes of residential roofs.

1. Gable

Gable roofs are perhaps most common and recognizable roofs you’ll see in any residential area. A gable roof has a triangular shape that slants down from the peak of the home. A traditional and low-maintenance choice, it allows more ventilation and provides more than enough space in the attic.

2. Flat

Flat roofs are typically found in contemporary or modern homes because of their sleek design. Flat roofs aren’t entirely flat, however; they have a slight pitch for draining water. While flat roofs need regular maintenance and are not recommended for snowy areas, they provide extra space that’s useful for AC units or a garden. They also cost less than other roofing types when it comes to roof repair and replacement.

3. Hip

A medium-pitched roof that extends to four sides, a hip roof is more secure than a gable. It has a better foothold to the structure, which makes it withstand high winds and snow more reliably than other roofing types. However, it needs more flashing to avoid leaks. It also typically costs more to install.

4. Curved

Curved roofs work well on modern-style homes. They come in different angles; some can be slightly curved, while others form a full arch. They are aesthetically pleasing and will surely boost your home’s curb appeal. However, how far you choose to angle your curved roof is determined by the cost, climate and material.

5. Bonnet

Typically found in more traditional homes, the bonnet is unique for having two slopes. The upper portion is steep, while the lower areas are more leveled. Roofers love this design because it provides more space in the attic, a nice overhang for your porch and makes water drainage easier. The downside is that it takes longer to build, which makes it slightly more expensive.

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