Terms & Conditions

Aerial SmartView is responsible for the provision of the services expressly acquired by the customer at time of purchase and only respond in the case of fraud or proven negligence in the performance of the services.

However, Aerial SmartView is free of all responsibility for the breach of its obligations, if it is for reasons of fortuitous event or force majeure, such as the imposition of legal restrictions, the interruption of the transmissions or the communication systems, the war, emergency conditions and other circumstances beyond the control of Aerial SmartView

With a response to the foregoing, Aerial SmartView liability for any part is lost in a transaction is limited to an amount that does not exceed the total amount paid by customer in the transaction in question.

The customer is responsible to bring accurate information at the time of purchase, including but not limited to: Latitude, Longitude, Blueprints, Address of properties, name, email, phone, credit card.

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